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IV hydration therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years. As more and more clinics offer IV hydration therapies, people are becoming more aware of their benefits. IV hydration therapy provides proper hydration for the body, which is particularly important for the skin, as it promotes proper skin functions. These therapies are used to boost antioxidants, reduce inflammation and enhance our metabolism.

Does IV hydration really work?

IV therapy works by administering vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream via a drip. While you can receive IV therapy in the comfort of your own home, infusion therapy is best performed in a medical office under medical supervision.

The process typically includes an interview or questionnaire that helps the administering professional understand your medical history. There is a short physical exam that involves checking your vital signs and performing an assessment.

You get a liquid mixture of saline along with vitamins and minerals during an IV vitamin treatment. The healthcare professional administering the drip will need to find and access a vein in order to secure the needle. As it can be difficult to achieve this while you are dehydrated, a trained expert such as a Registered Nurse (RN), paramedic or other healthcare professional should administer the drip.

Once the needle has been secured, a tube is connected which delivers the solution from the drip bag into the bloodstream. The professional administering the IV will monitor your infusion to make sure the IV drip is flowing at the correct rate. The entire IV therapy process usually takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

How long does a hydration IV take?

While every patient requires a different vitamin and mineral regimen, the typical duration of an IV hydration therapy session takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. It takes this amount of time for the body to absorb the vitamins and minerals, which will be much more effectively absorbed by the body. When compared to the standard absorption rate of around 50% for oral supplements, IV therapies help the body absorb much more of these nutrients, with an absorption rate around the 90% mark. As oral supplements are broken down in the body, much of their content is lost in the digestive process. By administering these vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, patients absorb almost double the amount of nutrients as they would from oral supplements.

How often can I get an IV?

As everyone is different and has different needs, a consultation with our IV administer can help answer this question because each treatment is designed specifically for individuals based on their treatment plans. Some individuals prefer to stop by for an energy boost whenever they feel like they need an increase in energy levels, while others are on a more consistent plan while they are treating more complex issues.

If you or someone you know is feeling lethargic or enervated, you may not be getting a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. You are not alone in this, as nearly 90% of Americans do not intake the daily requirement of these nutrients. At RejuvaMed, we have the solution for you! Our IV hydration therapy will give you more energy by providing you with the proper amount of vitamins and minerals. For more information, contact us today or visit us online to book an appointment. We serve patients from Wesley Chapel FL, Land o Lakes FL, Lutz FL, New Tampa FL, Tampa Palms FL, Zephyrhills FL, San Antonio FL, Dade City FL, Tampa FL and surrounding areas.

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