Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine in Wesley Chapel, FL

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What is metabolic and nutritional medicine?

Metabolic and nutritional medicine is an integrative approach to treating the body’s metabolic processes. There are various ways of assessing nutritional deficiencies from a diagnostic standpoint, and numerous health conditions have been shown to respond exceedingly well to supplementation with necessary vitamins and minerals. Some of these conditions include:

• Mood disorders
• Depression
• B12 deficiency
• Vitamin D deficiency
• Fibromyalgia and chronic pain
• Arthritis
• Chronic fatigue
• High or low blood pressure
• High or low blood sugar
• Insomnia
• Low sex drive
• Anxiety disorders

What will happen during a consultation?

During a consultation with Dr. Elora Roy, MD, she will discuss your health, dietary habits, and lifestyle habits. A thorough medical history is also obtained. From the data gathered on your medical history form, Dr. Elora Roy, MD may identify areas where deficiencies may exist. With specific diagnostic testing, accurate levels of various vitamins and minerals, as well as hormones, if warranted, can be measured. From here, we have the precise knowledge to recommend supplementation as needed for optimal health and the management of health conditions.

What are some metabolic disorders?

The most commonly recognized metabolic disorder is diabetes, of which there are two types. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body does not produce adequate insulin. Type 2 diabetes is the condition in which the body does not properly utilize the insulin that is produced.

In addition to diagnosed metabolic disorders, the lack of adequate macronutrients and micronutrients can cause less serious but no less impactful symptoms. With customized diagnostics and treatment, your health and vitality can be improved.

Can you order nutritional supplements online?

Finding the nutritional supplements you need can be a frustrating experience. Dr. Elora Roy, MD strives for excellence in care at all times, and is pleased to provide patients with the convenience of online ordering for the high-quality supplements they need to achieve their goals.

Your genetic makeup, lifestyle habits, and nutritional level all combine to create a picture of health. If you do not feel as though you are living to the fullest, or if you have health concerns that you would like to address, we would love to help you. For more information, contact us today or visit us online to book an appointment. We serve patients from Wesley Chapel FL, Land o Lakes FL, Lutz FL, New Tampa FL, Tampa Palms FL, Zephyrhills FL, San Antonio FL, Dade City FL, Tampa FL and surrounding areas.

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